F Type Twist-on Connector with O-ring X 100

F Type Twist-on Connector with O-ring X 100

F Type Twist-on Connector with O-ring X 100

Top-quality twist-on RF coax connector for 75ohm TV and Satellite cables.

  • F type twist-on connector with O-ring.
  • Male.
  • Black plated.
  • For 75 applications, commonly used with Sky and FreeSat boxes and any other device requiring an F type connection.
  • For standard RG6 and WF100 coax cable.
  • 100 X Bag


F Type Twist-on Connector with O-ring X 100

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Antiference premium screw F connector with an O-ring is a specialized type of connector used for coaxial cables. The F connector is commonly used for television, satellite, and cable TV connections. The O-ring is a rubber or silicone sealing ring that helps provide a tight and secure connection, minimizing signal loss and preventing moisture or water from entering the connection.

The screw F connector with an O-ring offers a more secure and reliable connection compared to standard push-on F connectors. It typically consists of a threaded metal barrel with a central pin or socket for the centre conductor of the coaxial cable. The O-ring is positioned between the connector and the cable to create a watertight seal when the connector is screwed onto the mating port.

The premium quality of these connectors ensures optimal signal transmission with low attenuation and interference. The O-ring enhances the weatherproofing capability, making the connector suitable for outdoor or damp environments. It helps protect the connection from corrosion and moisture ingress, ensuring long-lasting performance.