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Gold Crimp-on F Connector (125 Type)

125 F Connecter
SAC Electronics

Gold Crimp-on F Connector (125 Type)

Crimp-on F Connector (125 Type)

Crimp On F Connectors are designed to fit cable quickly, the simple design makes it easy to connect and get a cable terminated.

Quick Connection – *Crimping tool required*

For WF125, WF125UG or CT125 cables.

High quality, Professional, Gold Crimp-on F Connector (125 Type)



125 F Connecter

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This crimp-on F connector for 125 coax cable is used for coaxial cables, often referred to as RG-125 cables. Coaxial cables are widely used for transmitting television signals, internet data, and other communications signals due to their high bandwidth and shielding capabilities. The F connector is a common type of connector used with coaxial cables, and crimp-on connectors are a specific method of attaching these connectors to the cable.

Primary use of a crimp-on F connector for RG-125 cable:

Television and Broadcast Signals: RG-125 cables are designed to carry high-frequency signals, making them suitable for transmitting television and broadcast signals, including high-definition (HD) content. The F connector is commonly used in cable television (CATV) installations to connect coaxial cables to TV sets, set-top boxes, and signal splitters.

Satellite and Cable Internet: Coaxial cables, including RG-125, are often used for transmitting internet signals in both cable and satellite internet systems. The crimp-on F connector ensures a secure and reliable connection between the coaxial cable and the modem or satellite receiver.

RF Signal Distribution: F connectors are also used in RF (radio frequency) signal distribution applications. This can include distributing RF signals to various devices, such as audio/video equipment, signal amplifiers, and distribution systems.

Security Camera Systems: Coaxial cables are used for transmitting video signals in security camera systems. The crimp-on F connector is used to attach the coaxial cable to the cameras, DVRs (digital video recorders), and monitors, ensuring a stable video feed.

Networking Applications: While less common than twisted-pair Ethernet cables, coaxial cables like RG-125 can also be used for networking applications, especially in older installations or specialized setups. The F connector is used to connect the coaxial cable to networking equipment.

A crimp-on F connector is installed by crimping the connector onto the cable using a specialized crimping tool. This creates a secure mechanical connection between the connector and the cable's shielding, ensuring good electrical conductivity and shielding effectiveness. Proper installation is essential to maintaining signal integrity and preventing signal leakage or loss.