Hikvision Products

Hikvision DS-KIS702Y

Hikvision Two Wire IP Bundle DS-KIS702Y
Hikvision Products

Hikvision DS-KIS702Y

Villa Two Wire Bundle

  • 2-wire digital IP video intercom bundle for villa or house
  • One call button for easier calls
  • Including: 
  • DS-KD8003Y-IME2/Surface × 1, 
  • DS-KH6320Y-WTE2 × 1, 
  • DS-KAD704Y × 1
  • PSU × 1, 
  • 16GB TF card × 1
  • Power adapter included in the package


Hikvision Two Wire IP Bundle DS-KIS702Y

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The Hikvision Two Wire IP Bundle offers cutting-edge surveillance solutions tailored for streamlined installation and efficient operation. This comprehensive bundle combines advanced IP camera technology with the simplicity of a two-wire system, revolutionizing the way surveillance systems are deployed and managed.

At the heart of the bundle are Hikvision's high-definition IP cameras, renowned for their exceptional clarity, precision, and reliability. These cameras boast advanced features such as high-resolution imaging, low-light performance, and intelligent analytics, ensuring crystal-clear footage even in challenging environments.

The two-wire system simplifies installation by reducing the need for extensive cabling infrastructure. With only two wires required for both power and data transmission, the setup process is expedited, minimizing disruption to the environment and reducing installation costs. This innovative approach is ideal for retrofitting existing spaces or deploying surveillance in areas where traditional wiring is impractical.

Designed for scalability and flexibility, the Hikvision Two Wire IP Bundle supports seamless integration with existing security systems and future expansions. Its compatibility with Hikvision's comprehensive suite of management software allows for centralized monitoring, analysis, and control, empowering users with real-time insights and actionable intelligence.

With its combination of advanced technology, simplified installation, and scalability, the Hikvision Two Wire IP Bundle redefines the standards of modern surveillance, offering unparalleled convenience, performance, and peace of mind. Whether safeguarding commercial properties, public spaces, or residential complexes, this bundle delivers uncompromising security solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of any environment.

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