OMP Large Cantilever TV Mount

OMP Large Cantilever TV Mount m7275

OMP Large Cantilever TV Mount

Fits TV screen sizes from 40” to 75”

High Quality, Durable and Robust Construction – Designed to hold TV’s up to 45.5kg

Compatibility – Supports VESA mount sizes from 200 x 200 to 600 x 400

Tilt Adjustment – The tilt mechanism offers adjustment for optimal viewing angle, ideal where height position is limited and to reduce glare.

Swivel Adjustment – Can rotate from left to right, up to 180 degrees (depending on TV size); ideal for viewing from multiple locations and for corner mounting.

Fixings included – Includes screw fixings required for mounting to a solid wall and to wood studs

1 year guarantee





OMP Large Cantilever TV Mount m7275

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OMP Large Cantilever TV Mount is a wall mount designed to support and hold large flat-screen televisions, typically those with screen sizes ranging from 40 inches and above. The term "cantilever" refers to the arm-like extension that extends outward from the wall to hold the TV. These mounts are also sometimes referred to as "articulating" or "swivel" mounts due to their ability to provide a wide range of motion for the TV.

Features of a Large Cantilever TV Mount typically include:

Articulating Arms: These mounts have multiple joints and pivot points that allow the TV to be extended away from the wall, tilted up or down, and swiveled left or right. This flexibility makes it easy to adjust the viewing angle and position of the TV for optimal viewing.

Weight Capacity: Large Cantilever TV Mounts are designed to support the weight of larger TVs, often ranging from 50 to 100 pounds or more. It's important to choose a mount that can safely accommodate your TV's weight.

VESA Compatibility: Most modern TVs come with a standardized pattern of mounting holes on the back, known as the VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) pattern. Ensure that the mount you choose is compatible with your TV's VESA pattern to ensure a secure fit.

Cable Management: Some mounts include built-in cable management systems that help conceal and organize the cables and wires connected to your TV, giving your setup a cleaner and neater appearance.

Wall Compatibility: Consider the type of wall you plan to mount your TV on, whether it's drywall, concrete, or a wooden stud. Different mounts may require different installation methods and hardware.

Tilt and Swivel Range: Check the specifications of the mount to see the maximum degrees of tilt and swivel it offers. This will determine how much you can adjust the viewing angle.

OMP Large Cantilever TV Mounts are popular choices for homeowners who want the flexibility to position their large TVs at various angles and distances from the wall to accommodate different viewing scenarios. These mounts are commonly used in living rooms, home theatres, and commercial settings like sports bars and conference rooms. Proper installation is crucial to ensure the safety and stability of your TV, so it's often recommended to hire a professional or follow detailed instructions for DIY installation.

Maximum TV Weight:     45.5Kg

Screen Size:         40-75″

Swivel Angle:      Up to 180°

Tilt Angle:            -5° to +8°

VESA:    200 x 200 – 600 x 400

Materials:            Heavy Gauge Steel

Finish:   Black Powder coat

Mount Type:      Solid Walls and Wood studs

SKU : M7275

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