Pyronix CO-WE - Carbon Monoxide Detector 128-bit encryption

Pyronix CO-WE - Carbon Monoxide Detector 128-bit encryption

Carbon Monoxide is a highly dangerous and very harmful colourless and odourless gas, so it is essential to have a working CO detector in your property. The EnforcerCO-carbon monoxide (CO) sensor, warns you of any build-up in CO levels in your home or business. If used with the Enforcer ProControl+ Panelor Enforcer 32-WE app you can also receive a push notification to warn you if the CO-WE is triggered while you are not home. Enforcer two-way wireless technology gives you a highly secure and reliable device, so you can sleep easily knowing that you will be warned if any build-up occurs. Being wireless, the Enforcer CO-WE is fitted with minimal fuss or mess, which allows you to get a fully installed security system without the need to redecorate or remove carpets during the installation. The wireless technology used on the Enforcer system holds a significant advantage over one-way and some two-way wireless products available on the market.

  • Two-way wireless CO sensor
  • Detects harmful odourless carbon monoxide (CO)
  • No wires, no mess
  • One Push To Learn Button
  • Signal Strength Indicator (SSI) on the device
  • High-security wireless protocol with 128-bit encryption
  • Low battery indicator

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