Pyronix DIGI-LAN - Module for ENF32APPGB-WE


Pyronix DIGI-LAN - Module for ENF32APPGB-WE

Pyronix DIGI-LAN module provides communication between Control panel and NEW HomeControl+ App. This module can only be used with the new PYRONIX APP KITS. It can be easily installed on an existing or new installation.

Established connectivity 

Utilising the established internet connection, the DIGI-LAN is a single path communication module that connects directly to the router. 

Stable connection 

Using a cabled connection to the router gives the most stable connection to the existing internet. 

No additional internet connection cost 

As the DIGI-LAN utilises an existing internet connection, there is no requirement for additional ongoing connectivity costs, and no need to worry about keeping a SIM card topped up. 

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