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SDS Masonry Drill Bits

SDS Drill Bits
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SDS Masonry Drill Bits

Unique design double slot chuck system, preventing drill seizure.

Carbide pointed tip reducing slippage on commencement of drilling.

Specialist flute design enables effective dust extraction, increasing drilling speed.



SDS Drill Bits

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SDS masonry drill bits are a type of power tool accessory that are used to drill holes in hard materials such as concrete, brick, and stone. The SDS (Special Direct System) system is a type of chuck that allows for quick and easy bit changes, and provides a secure grip on the drill bit to prevent slippage and increase drilling accuracy.

SDS masonry drill bits typically have a carbide tip that is specially designed to handle the hard and abrasive nature of masonry materials. The tip may be either pointed or flat, depending on the desired hole size and shape.

The drill bit shank is designed to fit into an SDS chuck, which has a mechanism that locks the bit in place and allows for easy removal and replacement. This system is commonly used in rotary hammer drills, which provide the power and force needed to drill into hard materials.

To use SDS masonry drill bits, you would typically select the appropriate size and type of bit for the job, and insert it into the SDS chuck on the drill. You would then position the drill over the desired location for the hole, and apply steady pressure as you drill into the material.

It is important to use the correct drilling technique and to ensure that the bit is kept cool and lubricated during use. This can be done by periodically withdrawing the bit from the hole to clear out debris and apply water or coolant.

SDS masonry drill bits are commonly used in construction and DIY projects, and are available in a range of sizes and styles to suit different applications.