Labgear Products Uk.

Sky Twin Coax Cable (Shotgun) - Black

Sky Twin Coax Cable (Shotgun) - Black
Sky Twin Coax Cable (Shotgun) - Black
Labgear Products Uk.

Sky Twin Coax Cable (Shotgun) - Black

Sky Twin Coax Cable (Shotgun) - Black

Ideal for Sky+™ & Freesat receivers that need 2 cables

  • 75 Ohm low loss twin coaxial cable
  • Compact enough to route in place of a single standard cable
  • 2x 0.65mm CCS conductors
  • 2.9mm foam PE dielectric
  • 2x 48 x 0.12mm CCA braiding 45% cover
  • Aluminium/PET/AI foil screening 100% coverage
  • 48 x 0.12mm CCA braid screening
  • 2x Class Eca PVC 4.7 outer sheath
  • 4.7mm outer dimension
  • Metre marking
  • 100m drum
  • SKU:-27645R

Application: Generally used in domestic applications ideal for dual runs from a twin/quad/octo LNB to a PVR STB/Skybox.

  • Add a box of Unifix 2.5mm (10x5) UF Black FTE Cable Clips


Sky Twin Coax Cable (Shotgun) - Black

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CT63 twin coax cable, also known as shotgun coaxial cable, is a type of cable that consists of two coaxial cables joined together in a parallel configuration. This design helps to reduce signal loss and interference, making it ideal for use in high-quality video and audio applications.

Shotgun coaxial cable gets its name from the way it is constructed, with one coaxial cable placed on top of the other, much like the barrels of a shotgun. This design helps to reduce signal loss by minimizing the amount of electromagnetic interference between the two cables.

CT63 is a specific type of shotgun coaxial cable that is commonly used in the UK for satellite and cable TV installations. It typically has a 75-ohm impedance and is designed to carry high-frequency signals, such as those used for satellite TV and digital cable.

Overall, shotgun coaxial cable is a reliable and effective option for transmitting high-quality video and audio signals over a long distance with minimal signal loss and interference.

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