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Sonos Beam Wall Mount

Sonos Beam Wall Mount
Sonos Beam Wall Mount
Sonos United Kingdom

Sonos Beam Wall Mount

Blend even more seamlessly into your home with this near-invisible wall mount.

Use the Sonos Beam Wall Mount kit. Follow the instructions in the kit.

Keep 1" (25mm) space (minimum) above the Beam so you can reach the touch controls.

If you’re mounting above the TV, make sure you can reach the touch controls.

For best sound quality, keep both ends of the Beam at least 1' (30cm) from a wall or other obstruction.

Mount kit contents

  • Wall mount bracket
  • 4 wall anchors
  • 4 wall screws
  • 2 screws

Note: Don’t discard the template. It may look like packing material.



Sonos Beam Wall Mount

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Sonos Beam Wall Mount is a specially designed accessory that allows you to mount your Sonos Beam soundbar securely and conveniently to a wall. It provides a streamlined and space-saving solution for mounting the Beam beneath your TV or on any wall in your home. Here are some key details about the Sonos Beam Wall Mount:

Compatibility: The Sonos Beam Wall Mount is specifically designed for use with the Sonos Beam soundbar. It is engineered to perfectly fit the dimensions and shape of the Beam, ensuring a secure and stable mounting.

Easy Installation: The wall mount kit typically includes the necessary hardware and instructions for installation. The installation process involves attaching the mount to the wall and then securely mounting the Sonos Beam onto it. It is recommended to follow the provided instructions or consult the Sonos website for proper installation guidance.

Aesthetic Considerations: The Sonos Beam Wall Mount is designed to maintain the sleek and minimalist appearance of the Sonos Beam. It typically offers a discreet and unobtrusive mounting solution, allowing the soundbar to blend seamlessly with your TV or wall décor.

Cable Management: Some Sonos Beam Wall Mounts may incorporate cable management features, such as cable channels or clips, to help organize and hide the power and HDMI cables connected to the soundbar. This can help maintain a clean and clutter-free installation.

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