Triax United Kingdom

Triax F Compression Connector x 100

F Type Compression Connector
Triax United Kingdom

Triax F Compression Connector x 100

Suitable for CT100 cables.100 Connectors in a bag.

A compression connector is a type of electrical connector that is commonly used in coaxial cable applications. It is designed to create a secure and reliable connection between the cable and the connector, while also providing excellent electrical performance.

The "F" in F compression connector refers to the type of coaxial cable it is commonly used with, which is known as RG-6. This cable is commonly used for cable TV and satellite TV installations, as well as for internet connections.

The F compression connector is a popular choice because it is easy to install and provides excellent signal quality. It works by compressing the outer layer of the cable onto the connector, creating a tight and secure connection that is resistant to moisture and other environmental factors.

To install an F compression connector, the cable is stripped of its outer jacket and the connector is threaded onto the cable. A compression tool is then used to compress the connector onto the cable, creating a tight and secure connection.



F Type Compression Connector

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Triax F Compression Connector is a type of connector used in the telecommunications and broadcasting industries to connect coaxial cables. It is a variation of the F-type connector that uses three concentric rings instead of one.

The Triax F Compression Connector is designed to provide superior performance in applications where high bandwidth and low signal loss are critical. It is commonly used in applications such as CCTV, cable television, and satellite broadcasting.

The compression technology used in this connector provides a reliable and secure connection between the coaxial cable and the device it is connected to. The compression technique uses a special tool to compress the connector onto the cable, creating a tight seal that prevents any signal loss or interference.

Triax F Compression Connector is an essential component in modern communication and broadcasting systems, providing reliable and high-quality signal transmission.


EAN Number5702663700413


Cable typeTX100
ToolPocket compression tool, part number 370042


Frequency range3 - 3000 MHz


Impedance75 Ω


Shielding @ 1 GHz> 115 dB


Packing QTY100
Packaging Height0.040 m
Packaging Width0.015 m
Packaging Depth0.110 m
Packaging Volume0.000 m3
Net Weight0.008 kg
Tara Weight0.000 kg
Total Weight0.008 kg

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