Vision V51-201 - High Power TV Amplifier 1 Input 36 / 122dBµV

Vision V51-201 - High Power TV Amplifier

Vision V51-201 - High Power TV Amplifier 1 Input 36 / 122dBµV

V51-201 MATV amplifier 1 input 1 output for small, medium and large systems 

High-quality broadband MATV amplifiers for all small, medium & large systems Push-Pull output stage for superior performance Super flat gain with very high output headroom 10dB + 10dB gain & slope controls 
Diecast fully screened amplifier housing for superior interference immunity

Test points and earth-bonding post 
Built-in mains power supply with UK plug with LED power-on indicator V51-201, 204 and 305 are designed for excellent performance over the full VHF and UHF broadcast bandsBII,  BIII,  UHF  BIV/V.    

Input filtering is designed for  VHF/FM,  VHF/DAB, and  UHF  channels  21-60  with additional input filters on the multi-input models V51-204 and V51-305.   

V51-204 has 2 x UHF inputs for Ch21-57 and Ch21-60. 

V51-305 has 3 x UHF inputs for C21-57, Ch21-60 and Ch21-69.   

This input filtering allows greater input options and backward compatibility with older MATV 
systems, yet minimise of the likelihood of 4G/LTE interference.   

These amplifiers are designed with high gain and very high input and output headroom to minimise the effects of interference overload. 

The V51 range of amplifiers can be used in small, medium and large MATV 
and IRS systems from 1 to 500 subscriber points or as a pre-amplifier mixer in cascade with a launch amplifier.    

The gain/level and slope settings are controlled by a 10dB gold contact slider switch attenuator 
and 10dB rotary trimmer attenuator for accurate and reliable adjustment. 



Vision V51-201 - High Power TV Amplifier

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The Vision V51-201 is a high-power TV amplifier designed to improve television signal strength and quality. It is commonly used in areas with poor reception, such as rural or mountainous regions, where weak TV signals can cause poor picture quality or no reception at all.

The V51-201 is a 4-way amplifier, meaning it can amplify the signal for up to four different television sets. It features a high-power output of up to 20dB, making it ideal for boosting weak signals over long distances. The amplifier is also equipped with a built-in FM trap, which filters out unwanted radio frequencies that can interfere with the TV signal.

The V51-201 is easy to install and comes with all necessary mounting hardware. It features F-type connectors for easy connection to TV antennas and coaxial cables. The amplifier is also designed with a robust metal housing for durability and long-lasting performance.

Overall, the Vision V51-201 is a high-quality TV amplifier that is designed to improve TV signal strength and quality. Its high-power output and built-in FM trap make it an excellent choice for users who live in areas with weak TV signals or interference from nearby radio frequencies.

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