42 Strand 2.5mm OFC (Oxygen-Free Copper) Speaker Cable - White - 100m

Speaker Cable - White - 100m

42 Strand 2.5mm OFC (Oxygen-Free Copper) Speaker Cable - White - 100m

This speaker cable is an entry-level speaker cable for those wanting performance on a modest budget. It's is an ideal upgrade from simple patch cord speaker cables and combines convenience and performance. 

A traditional 42 OFC copper strand design with a flexible PVC jacket, it can be paired with mini, mid or rear speakers in Hi-Fi and AV setups.


    While the idea of oxygen-free wire has been called a bit of a gimmick in the world of home theatre and car audio, with some saying it’s only marginally more conductive than regular copper wire, the term itself is often used to describe various qualities of wire. There are different standards of “OFC”.

    In any case, OFC or regular copper wire are both a lot better than copper-clad or pure aluminium.

    It’s often recommended to buy a gauge larger if you’re going with CCA over OFC, but you should just go with OFC wire instead. You don’t want to skimp out on quality for something as important as wire, and this way they’re all set if you decide to upgrade to a more powerful system down the road. You aren’t going to have to re-wire everything.

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