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Labgear 5G/LTE 700 Filter

labgear 5g lite 700
Labgear Products Uk.

Labgear 5G/LTE 700 Filter

Labgear 5G/LTE 700 filter is a device designed to reduce the interference caused by 5G and LTE 700 mobile phone signals. These signals can sometimes interfere with television signals and cause disruptions to the quality of the reception.

The Labgear filter works by blocking the frequencies used by 5G and LTE 700 signals while allowing other frequencies, such as those used by television broadcasts, to pass through. This can improve the quality of the television signal and reduce the interference caused by mobile phone signals.

To install the filter, it is typically placed between the television antenna and the television or set-top box. The Labgear filter can be used with a range of television systems, including digital terrestrial television (DTT), satellite television, and cable television.

  • Low Band Pass Frequency: – 5-694MHz (VHF-UHF Ch48).
  • In-band Insertion Loss: – Typ. <1.0dB. High Band Stop Frequency: – 703-1000MHz (Ch50-69+SAT). 
  • Out-of-band Rejection: – Typ. >40dB.
  • In-band Return Loss: – Typ. <-15dB.

5G/LTE 700 , with F connection Outdoor



labgear 5g lite 700

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Labgear 5G and LTE networks operate on various frequency bands, including the 700 MHz band. In some cases, these networks can generate interference with existing television signals or other radio frequency (RF) equipment. To address this issue, companies like Labgear may produce filters designed to block or reduce the unwanted signals, allowing existing equipment to function properly.

Such filters are commonly used in areas where 5G and LTE services are deployed, and they can help maintain the quality of RF-based services like television broadcasts or radio communications. The Labgear 5G/LTE 700 Filter is likely designed specifically to address interference issues in the 700 MHz band.