Accessories For Sonos

Sonos offers a variety of accessories to enhance and complement your Sonos audio system. Here are some popular accessories you can consider:

Sonos Wall Mounts and Stands: Sonos offers wall mounts and stands specifically designed for their speakers, such as the Sonos One, Sonos One SL, Sonos Play:1, Sonos Play:3, Sonos Play:5, and Sonos Move. These accessories provide secure and convenient placement options for your speakers, allowing you to optimize their positioning for the best sound.

Sonos Subwoofer: The Sonos Sub is a wireless subwoofer that adds deep, rich bass to your Sonos system. It can wirelessly connect to any Sonos speaker or amplifier, enhancing the overall audio experience and bringing out the low frequencies in your music and movies.

Sonos Boost: The Sonos Boost is a device that can be added to your Sonos system to extend the wireless range and ensure a stable and reliable connection between your Sonos speakers. It creates a dedicated wireless network exclusively for Sonos devices, minimizing interference and optimizing performance.

Sonos Amp: The Sonos Amp is a versatile amplifier that allows you to connect and power your existing passive speakers, turning them into a part of your Sonos system. It offers a powerful audio solution for larger rooms or outdoor areas where you want to integrate Sonos with your existing speakers.

Sonos Port: The Sonos Port is a versatile streaming component that connects your traditional audio equipment, such as receivers or stereo systems, to the Sonos ecosystem. It enables you to stream music and other audio content from various sources to your existing setup using the Sonos app.

Sonos Ceiling and In-Wall Speakers: Sonos offers architectural speakers designed for in-ceiling and in-wall installation. These speakers are designed to blend seamlessly into your home and provide high-quality audio for distributed sound throughout the space.