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CAT5e PE 24AWG, 305m

CAT 5e UTP PE Network Cable
Chester Digital Supplies Ltd

CAT5e PE 24AWG, 305m

Cat 5E UTP PE - 305m - Cat5 LAN 

(Local area network) cabling that is generally used for Data Networking,

Telecom and CCTV. Available in both Cat 5e screened (FTP) and Cat 5e unscreened formats (UTP) Unscreened Twisted Pairs. UTP being the most common and with the use of Baluns, RGB signals can be transmitted.

Screened versions of Cat 5 are used where proximity to RF equipment may produce electromagnetic interference. 

It is also used as a security measure should eavesdropping be apparent.

There are various screening options available depending on the environment and application.

Copper, unscreened twisted pair (UTP)

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CAT 5e UTP PE Network Cable

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CAT5e: This refers to the cable category, Cat5e being a widely used standard that supports Gigabit Ethernet (up to 1Gbps speeds).

PE: The jacket (outer sheath) of the cable is made of Polyethylene (PE), making it suitable for outdoor use as PE is resistant to sunlight and water.

24AWG: This indicates the American Wire Gauge (AWG) of the copper wires inside the cable. Lower AWG numbers correspond to thicker wires. 24AWG is a common size for ethernet cables and offers a good balance between performance and cost.

305m: This is the length of the cable, which is approximately 1000 feet.

In summary, this cable is designed for outdoor ethernet installations where you need Gigabit Ethernet speeds over a long distance. Some typical applications include connecting buildings across a campus, connecting a home to an outbuilding, or setting up a security camera system.

Here are some additional things to keep in mind:

Solid vs Stranded: This cable likely uses solid copper wires, which are more durable for outdoor use but less flexible than stranded wires.

UTP vs F/UTP: This description doesn't specify whether the cable is UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) or F/UTP (Foiled Twisted Pair). UTP is more common and cost-effective, but F/UTP can provide better protection against interference in some situations.

Maximum recommended distance: While Cat5e supports Gigabit Ethernet up to 100 meters (328 feet) in ideal conditions, the maximum reliable distance can be affected by cable quality, terminations, and environmental factors. For a 305 meter run, you might want to consider using Cat6 cable which is specified for Gigabit speeds up to that distance.

TypePVC, LSOH, PE ( Duct Grade ), SWA

Colour Black

Cat 5E UTP PE, Fluke test