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CAT5e Copper FTP PE 305m 24awg

CAT5 e FTP PE 305m
Chester Digital Supplies Ltd

CAT5e Copper FTP PE 305m 24awg

CAT5 e FTP PE 305m

FTP outdoor wire cable Cat5e, PE, 24AWG, 305m Full Copper

Solid Copper Conductors

4 x Colour coded twisted pairs

 8 solid conductors:  Gauge : 23Awg

FTP Aluminium Foil Screening

Central SPLINE to prevent Cross Talk

250 Mhz and Gigabit transmission speed capable

Overall Diameter 6.3 mm

BLACK  PE Outer Jacket ' Duct Grade'

weather & corrosion resistance

Insulation HDPE, 1.1mm

frequency up to 250MHz

Length 305m



CAT5 e FTP PE 305m

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CAT5e FTP PE 305m is a type of network cable that is similar to the Cat5e Indoor Copper Cable 305m, but with some additional features. The "FTP" in its name stands for "foil twisted pair," indicating that it has an additional layer of foil shielding around each pair of twisted wires to reduce electromagnetic interference.

The "PE" in its name stands for "polyethylene," indicating that the cable's outer jacket is made of polyethylene, a type of plastic that is commonly used for outdoor applications because of its weather resistance.

Like the Cat5e Indoor Copper Cable, the Cat5e FTP PE 305m can be used to connect computers, servers, routers, switches, and other network devices, providing reliable and fast data transfer rates. However, it is better suited for outdoor installations, where it may be exposed to harsh weather conditions or other environmental factors.

When installing Cat5e FTP PE 305m, it is important to follow proper techniques to ensure maximum performance and durability. This may include proper termination, cable management, and grounding, as well as taking into account any special requirements for outdoor installations.