E-Mod CAT6 FTP PE 305m

CAT6 FTP 305m

E-Mod CAT6 FTP PE 305m

CAT6 FTP Duct Grade' Outdoor Black Polyethylene outer jacket for weather and corrosion resistance.

Solid Copper Conductors

4 x Colour coded twisted pairs

 8 solid conductors:  Gauge : 23Awg

FTP Aluminium Foil Screening

Central SPLINE to prevent Cross Talk

250 Mhz and Gigabit transmission speed capable

Overall Diameter 6.3 mm

BLACK  PE Outer Jacket ' Duct Grade'

weather & corrosion resistance

Insulation HDPE, 1.1mm

frequency up to 250MHz

Length 305m



CAT6 FTP 305m

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CAT6 FTP Duct Grade refers to a type of CAT6 Ethernet cable that has an overall foil shield (FTP) and is designed for use in ducts.

The foil shield helps to reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) which can cause signal degradation and transmission errors. This makes the cable suitable for high-speed data transmission in environments with a high level of electromagnetic interference, such as industrial settings.

The duct grade designation means that the cable is designed to be installed in ducts, which are enclosed channels or tunnels that allow cables to be run through them. This makes the cable suitable for use in installations where the cable needs to be protected from physical damage or environmental hazards.

The CAT6 specification ensures that the cable is suitable for Gigabit Ethernet networks and other high-speed data transmission applications. Overall, CAT6 FTP Duct Grade cable is a reliable and high-performance choice for Ethernet networking applications that require protection against EMI/RFI and physical damage, as well as high-speed data transmission capabilities.