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CK Tools MightyScope

WiFi HD Streaming IP67 Inspection Camera Kit

The MightyScope comes with an onboard Wi-Fi hotspot that will stream in high resolution with a wireless range of up to 15m (50’).

High-resolution real-time HD viewing with the ability to save photos and videos direct to your smart device’s gallery.

The bright white LED’s can be adjusted from the App to view in complete darkness when pushed into dark and confined spaces. This helps you investigate and diagnose problems.

In the MightyScope App settings select to have the image view either normal view or always up.

Digital zoom will give you a close-up view from your MightyScope camera.

When the back cap is screwed on, the MightyScope is IP67 rated.

Quick Charge USB-C. From 0% - 100% battery charge in 100 minutes.

Mode runtime - Light off: up to 110 minutes. Dimmed: up to 90 minutes. Full Beam: up to 70 minutes.

App only available on UK & ROI appstores.

2yr Warranty

SKU : T5600




CK Tools MightyScope Inspection Camera Kit T5600

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CK Tools MightyScope Inspection Camera Kit T5600 is a portable inspection camera designed for professionals working in various industries, including maintenance, electrical, plumbing, automotive, and more.

It allows users to visually inspect hard-to-reach areas and diagnose problems without the need for disassembly.

Here are some key features of the CK Tools MightyScope Inspection Camera Kit T5600:

High-resolution camera: The kit includes a handheld inspection camera with a high-quality colour display. It provides clear and detailed images of the inspection area.

Flexible cable: The camera is connected to a flexible cable that allows it to navigate through tight spaces, around corners, and into inaccessible areas. The cable is usually several feet long, providing ample reach.

LED lighting: The camera is equipped with built-in LED lights to illuminate the inspection area. This ensures proper visibility in dark or poorly lit environments.

Waterproof and durable: The camera and cable are typically designed to be waterproof and rugged, allowing them to withstand challenging working conditions. This makes the kit suitable for use in wet or dirty environments.

Image and video capture: The T5600 kit often includes the capability to capture still images or record videos of the inspection process. This feature is useful for documentation, sharing findings with colleagues, or analysing the footage later.

Accessories and attachments: Depending on the specific kit, it may come with additional accessories or attachments to enhance functionality. These may include mirror attachments for angled views, magnet attachments for retrieving metallic objects, or hook attachments for grabbing items.

Portable and rechargeable: The MightyScope Inspection Camera Kit is designed to be portable, allowing you to easily carry it to different job sites. It is typically powered by rechargeable batteries, ensuring extended use without the need for constant replacement.

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