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DC Barrel Connector 2.1mm with Screw Terminals

DC Barrel Connector 2.1mm with Screw Terminals
Male DC Connector
Female DC Connector
Chester Digital Supplies Ltd

DC Barrel Connector 2.1mm with Screw Terminals

DC Terminal Block adapter 

Made for special industrial application e.g. for connecting single wires with open cable heads.

Connect various devices with suitable DC power connector to the adapter in order to supply your devices individually with power (depending on the requirements of device).  

2.1mm DC Jack Adapter 
No More Cutting and soldering!
2.1mm DC Plug features a DC 2.1mm plug and connector with mark polarity.
Simply screw your figure 8 cable and just plug it in.
Professional for CCTV installers and excellent for all DC or AC cameras.
Size: L5.0cm x W1.4cm x H1.2cm,
 Weight: 9g



DC Barrel Connector 2.1mm with Screw Terminals

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DC terminal block adapter is an electronic component that is used to connect wires or cables to a DC power source. It is typically used in industrial or commercial applications where it is necessary to power multiple devices from a single power source.

DC terminal block adapter typically consists of a plastic or metal housing with several screw terminals on either end. The housing is designed to mount onto a flat surface, such as a panel or a DIN rail, and the screw terminals are used to connect the wires or cables from the power source and the devices being powered.

DC terminal block adapters are commonly used in a variety of applications, including power distribution systems, control panels, and industrial automation equipment. They are valued for their durability, ease of use, and ability to simplify wiring and maintenance tasks.