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RG59+2 Core Coax Cable (Shotgun) - Black 100m

RG59+2 Core Coax Cable (Shotgun) - Black 100m
Chester Digital Supplies Ltd

RG59+2 Core Coax Cable (Shotgun) - Black 100m

RG59+2 Core Coax Cable (Shotgun) - Black 100m

RG59+2 composite cable allows you to send power and a video signal down just the one cable, saving you installation time and money fitting one cable instead of two.

The two cables run in shotgun style can easily be separated to allow the power cores

to be taken to a power source leaving the RG59 to be crimped for connection to a DVR, camera or monitor.

The power cores are 0.2mm x 16 stranded to prevent interruptions

and are colour coded red 12V and black 0V to avoid any errors in connection

  • Coax signal plus 2 core power cable
  • Ideal for security camera installations
  • Conductor: 0.71mm Copper
  • Shielding (mm) Aluminium Foil
  • Braiding 48 strand x .12mm aluminium braid
  • Coax cable: Foam dielectric
  • Power cable - 2 x copper conductors


RG59+2 Core Coax Cable (Shotgun) - Black 100m

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RG59+2 cable is a type of coaxial cable that is commonly used in security camera systems. It consists of a coaxial cable (RG59) with two additional wires, typically red and black, that are used for power transmission.

The coaxial cable portion of the RG59+2 cable consists of a centre conductor surrounded by a layer of insulation, which is in turn surrounded by a braided shield and an outer jacket. This design helps to reduce interference and maintain the quality of the video signal being transmitted.

The additional wires in the cable are typically used to supply power to the camera. The red wire is the positive wire, and the black wire is the negative wire. By running power and video signals through the same cable, installation can be simplified, and costs can be reduced. Securing this cable to a surface can be done using 6mm black cable clips