Haydon CCTV-Related Products

Haydon IP 65 Junction Boxes

Haydon IP 65 Junction Boxes
Haydon IP 65 Junction Boxes
Haydon IP 65 Junction Boxes HAY-JB240
Haydon IP 65 Junction Boxes HAY-JB300
Haydon IP 65 Junction Boxes HAY-JB380
Haydon CCTV-Related Products

Haydon IP 65 Junction Boxes

IP65 junction boxes are commonly used in a variety of applications

  • Outdoor electrical installations where protection against the weather is essential.
  • Industrial settings where dust and moisture are present.
  • Electrical and electronic equipment that requires protection from environmental factors.

Haydon junction boxes are plastic and come in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different wiring and connection needs. They are an important component of electrical systems that require reliable and durable protection for their connections and components.



Haydon IP 65 Junction Boxes

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Haydon enclosures made from plastic material that is designed to protect electronic and electrical components from environmental factors such as dust, water, and other contaminants. The "IP66" rating of the adaptable box refers to its level of ingress protection, indicating that the enclosure is completely dust-tight and able to withstand powerful jets of water from any direction without allowing water to enter.

The adaptable box is often used in outdoor or industrial settings where there is a need for reliable protection against harsh environmental conditions. It can be easily adapted and customized to accommodate a wide range of components and wiring configurations, and it typically comes with various knockouts and cable entries to allow for easy installation.

The grey colour of the adaptable box is often chosen for its ability to blend in with various settings and environments, and it can also help to reduce the visibility of the enclosure in outdoor settings.


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