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Labgear 4 Way Outdoor Splitter

labgear 4 Way Compact Outdoor Splitter WBOS4F
Labgear Products Uk.

Labgear 4 Way Outdoor Splitter

4 Way splitter/combiner in a weatherproof installation box

Labgear 4 Way Outdoor Splitter is a device that allows you to split an incoming signal from a digital antenna into four separate output signals. This is useful for distributing the signal to multiple devices such as TVs, set-top boxes, or DVRs.

The outdoor splitter is designed to be used outside and is typically weatherproof and durable to withstand outdoor conditions. It is commonly used in residential or commercial settings where multiple devices must be connected to a single antenna or satellite dish.

The Labgear 4 Way Outdoor Splitter typically features a high-quality design with low insertion loss and high isolation between output ports. This ensures that each output signal is strong and clear without any interference from the other outputs.

Installation of the splitter is relatively simple, with a single input connection and four output connections. The splitter is typically mounted on a wall or other suitable surface using mounting brackets that are included with the device.

Frequency 5-2400Mhz


Mast or screw connections

Power pass 1 port in both directions

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  • Add 5 x F Type Twist-on Connector


labgear 4 Way Compact Outdoor Splitter WBOS4F

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Labgear 4-way splitter in a weatherproof installation box is a device used in TV and satellite distribution systems to split a signal from a single source to multiple devices. The splitter is designed to divide the signal from the source into four outputs, which can then be distributed to different TVs or satellite receivers.

The weatherproof installation box is designed to protect the splitter from the elements, making it suitable for outdoor use. This is particularly important in situations where the splitter will be exposed to rain, snow, or other weather conditions. The box typically has IP-rated sealing to ensure that it is fully waterproof, preventing moisture from damaging the splitter and affecting the signal quality.

The Labgear brand is a well-known and respected name in the TV and satellite industry, known for producing high-quality, reliable products. The 4-way splitter is designed to maintain the signal quality and reduce signal loss, ensuring that each output receives a strong and clear signal.

Labgear 4-way splitter in a weatherproof installation box is a convenient and practical solution for distributing TV and satellite signals to multiple devices in outdoor environments.

Packaging Length (cm)  11

Packaging Width (cm)    2.7

Packaging Height (cm)   11.7

Product & Packaging Weight (grams)      136

Product Weight (grams) 117