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Pyronix Deltabell Bases

Deltabell Dummy Bases
White Deltabell Dummy Base
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Pyronix Security

Pyronix Deltabell Bases

Bases are components designed for use with the Pyronix Deltabell external sounder range. 

These bases serve as mounting platforms for the Deltabell sounders, providing a sturdy and secure installation.

  • External sounder covers
  • Customisable with installer logos
  • Six colours to choose from
  • Add more visibility to any installation
  • Levelling mechanism

Clear company identity

Choose the colour that matches your business for complete brand uniformity.


Robust polycarbonate plastics protect against varying weather conditions.

Add visibility

The ideal way to add a visual deterrent to other areas of an installation, where any live sounders cannot be seen.



Deltabell Dummy Bases

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Key points about Pyronix Deltabell Bases:

Compatibility: The bases are specifically designed for use with Pyronix Deltabell external sounders. They are compatible with various models within the Deltabell range, including the Deltabell E, Deltabell X, and Deltabell Plus.

Mounting: The Deltabell Bases are designed to be fixed to a wall or other suitable surfaces. They provide a solid foundation for mounting the Deltabell sounders securely.

Material: The bases are typically constructed from durable materials such as robust ABS plastic, which ensures longevity and weather resistance.

Cable Management: The bases often feature cable entry points or channels to facilitate neat and organized wiring. This helps to conceal and protect the wiring connections between the sounder and the control panel.

Optional Features: Some Deltabell Bases may come with additional features such as tamper switches or backplates to enhance security and installation convenience.

When installing the Pyronix Deltabell external sounders, it is recommended to use the corresponding Deltabell Bases for proper fitting and optimal performance. Always refer to the manufacturer's instructions and guidelines for the specific Deltabell model and base you are working with to ensure proper installation and functionality.