Pyronix Security

Pyronix SMOKE-WE (2nd Generation)

Pyronix SMOKE-WE G2
Pyronix SMOKE-WE G2
Pyronix Security

Pyronix SMOKE-WE (2nd Generation)

SMOKE-WE (2nd Generation)


  • Two-way smoke detector
  • Optical detection
  • Loud and obvious alarms
  • Low-battery supervision
  • Signal Strength Indicator
  • Pyronix High Security Wireless Encryption Protocol
  • No wires, no mess
  • One-Push-To-Learn Button


Pyronix SMOKE-WE G2

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Where there’s a SMOKE-WE there’s detection of fire

Extending the capabilities beyond security, the SMOKE-WE (2nd Generation) raises the alarm to the presence of smoke to protect homes and families.

An easy upsell that increases the longevity and value of Pyronix systems, with voice push notification capabilities via the app to alert the user of danger.

Optical detection for optimum performance

The SMOKE-WE (2nd Generation) uses a photoelectric sensor alongside a light source and optical chamber for accurate detection. As smoke enters the optical chamber, it crosses the path of the pulsing LED light source; scattering smoke particles towards the light receptor/sensor to trigger the alarm.

Loud and obvious alarms

The SMOKE-WE (2nd Generation) has a built-in 85dB local sounder and flashing LED lights; providing a clear and obvious alarm when smoke is detected.

Be in control with full low-battery supervision

When the battery is running low on the radio module of the SMOKE-WE (2nd Generation), the detector will send a signal to the control panel to report the issue. If the user has the smart device app connected to the system, they’ll also receive a push notification to draw their attention to the fault.

Stay safe with tamper protection

If the housing of the SMOKE-WE (2nd Generation) is dislodged, not fitted properly during the initial installation, or after a battery change, the rear tamper will trigger to alert that it is not fitted correctly.

Pyronix High Security Wireless Encryption Protocol

The two-way wireless protocol has been developed by Pyronix to ensure that communications between all wireless system components within Pyronix systems are secure. The protocol uses the 128 bit Pyronix advanced encryption.

One-Push-To-Learn Button

The Enforcer two-way wireless protocol allows easy learning of all its peripherals – with the push of a button you can add any of the detectors or sensors to the Enforcer 32-WE or Enforcer ProControl+ Panel.

Signal Strength Indicator (SSI) on the Device

SSI in all Enforcer wireless devices allow them to be optimally positioned during installation, without the need to refer back to the panel.

No wires, no fuss

Fully wireless means there is no need to run wiring by lifting floorboards or moving furniture; saving time and money.


Security and safety sensors technical characteristics

Smoke detector Yes

Tamper protection          Yes

Button sensor test           Yes

LED sensor test Yes

Sound level         85dB/3m

Enforcer two-way wireless technology

Signal Strength Indicators (SSI)   Yes

Instant two way device control (ITDC)     Yes

Pyronix high security two way wireless data encryption protocol (TDE)     Yes

Pyronix intelligent jamming detection     Yes

Programmable wireless supervision time               Yes

868MHz transceiver FM technology         Yes

One push to learn            Yes

Transmission method    Fully encrypted rolling code

Environmental and operating features

Certified operating temperature               -10°C to +50°C

Humidity              5 - 90%

Physical dimensions (ø x D)          120 x 52.45mm

Weight (including battery)           183g

Electrical & battery

RF power supply               1 x 3V, CR123A (replaceable)

RF battery life    2 years (replaceable)

Sensor power supply      2 x 1.5V, AA (non-replaceable)

Sensor battery life           10 years (non-replaceable)

Sensor low voltage alert 2.6 - 2.7VDC

RF low voltage alert         2.5V +/-5% @ 25C

Certifications and warranty

Environmental Class        II

Electrical conformity       CE

Standards            EN 14604

Warranty             2 years

PDFSpec Sheet