Triax Quad Module White 304264

Quad Module White (TV/Radio/Sat I/Sat II) White
Quad Module White (TV/Radio/Sat I/Sat II) Black

Triax Quad Module White 304264

Triax Quad TV/Radio/Sat I/Sat II Module White (50 x 50mm)



Quad Module White (TV/Radio/Sat I/Sat II) White

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Triax Quad Module White is a specialized module used in TV and satellite installations. This module is designed to fit into a wall plate or outlet and provides connections for coaxial cables.

Here are some key features of the Triax Quad Module White:

Quad Output: The module is equipped with four outputs, allowing you to connect up to four different devices or signal sources. This is particularly useful in multi-room setups where you want to distribute TV or satellite signals to multiple locations.

Coaxial Connections: The module features coaxial connectors for connecting coaxial cables. These connectors are typically labelled for easy identification and connection of the cables.

Colour: The module comes in a white colour, which is a common choice for electrical modules as it tends to blend well with most surroundings.

Compatibility: The Triax Quad Module is designed to be compatible with standard coaxial cables and connectors commonly used in TV and satellite installations. This ensures that you can easily integrate the module into your existing setup.

Signal Distribution: The module allows for the distribution of TV or satellite signals from a single source to multiple devices. This means you can connect a cable or satellite signal to the module and then distribute it to multiple TVs or satellite receivers throughout your home or building.

EAN Number5702663042643
TypeUK Grid style, 50x50mm
Return Path5...2400 MHz
Frequency Range FM87.5...230 MHz
Frequency Range TV470...862 MHz
Frequency Range SAT950...2300 MHz
Frequency Range SAT 25...2400 MHz
Through Loss IN-FM3.0 dB
Through Loss IN-TV2.5 dB
Through Loss IN-SAT3.0 (1.5 @SAT2) dB
DC Passthrough SATYes
Connector FMIEC-female
Connector TVIEC-male
Connector SATF-female
Main materialPolycarbonate
Product Height50 mm
Product Width50 mm
Net Weight0,095 kg
Tara Weight0,019 kg
Total Weight0,114 kg
RemarksScreened, Two Terminal and Clamp cable entries Fits 15mm Patress Return normally used as SAT 2 DC through power On SAT Return

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