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Reyee Outdoor Omni-Directional Access Point

Reyee Outdoor Omni-directional Access Point RG-RAP6202(G)
Reyee Outdoor Omni-directional Access Point RG-RAP6202(G)
Reyee Outdoor Omni-directional Access Point RG-RAP6202(G)
Ruijie | Reyee Networks

Reyee Outdoor Omni-Directional Access Point

Wi-Fi 5 AC1300 Outdoor Cloud-managed Access Points

  • Reyee cloud-managed access points is a high performance for outdoor/wall scenarios. 
  • Compliant with IEEE 802.11ax/ac Wave2 Wi-Fi protocol. 
  • Cloud-managed series access points support MU-MIMO dual stream technology.
  • The industrial product design makes the product simple to install and to maintain.
  • Cloud-managed access points support self-organizing network.

Highlight Features

  • 'UFO' design, a perfect blend of wireless technology and artwork
  • IP68 protection, rock-solid in harsh environments
  • Omni-directional coverage with long range
  • Easily add extra outdoor Wi-Fi with Reyee Mesh
  • Rack-separated mounting design, easily installation on high
  • SKU:RG-RAP6202(G)


Ideal scenarios  Pools, Parking, Beach, Warehouse, Traffic Station, Plaza, Playground, Stadium, Park, etc.



Reyee Outdoor Omni-directional Access Point RG-RAP6202(G)

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Reyee outdoor cloud-managed access points (APs) are network devices designed for use in outdoor environments, such as public areas, industrial sites, or large outdoor venues, to provide wireless connectivity to users and devices. 

These access points are typically managed and monitored through Reyee a cloud-based App. 

Key features of outdoor cloud-managed access points:

Outdoor Durability: These access points are built to withstand harsh weather conditions, including rain, extreme temperatures, and humidity, making them suitable for outdoor deployment.

Wireless Connectivity: They provide wireless connectivity through technologies like Wi-Fi, typically conforming to the IEEE 802.11 standards. This enables users to connect to the internet and access network resources in outdoor areas.

Cloud Management: Outdoor cloud-managed APs are configured and monitored through a cloud-based management platform. This allows network administrators to make changes, update settings, and troubleshoot issues remotely from a central interface.

Scalability: Cloud management makes it easier to scale the network up or down as needed. Adding more access points to expand coverage or replacing faulty units can be done without physically visiting the device.

Centralized Control: Network administrators have centralized control over the entire network of outdoor access points, ensuring consistent configurations, security policies, and firmware updates.

Analytics and Reporting: Reyee cloud-managed APs often come with built-in analytics and reporting features, allowing administrators to gather data on network performance, user behaviour, and device connectivity. This data can be used for optimizing the network.

Guest Access and Captive Portals: Many outdoor access points support guest access features, enabling the creation of captive portals for guest authentication. This is useful in public spaces where controlled access is required.

Security: These access points typically come with security features such as WPA3 encryption, intrusion detection, and the ability to segment guest and internal networks for enhanced security.

Mesh Networking: In some cases, outdoor cloud-managed access points support mesh networking, allowing them to communicate with each other to extend coverage without requiring wired connections to each unit.

Integration: They can often integrate with other cloud-based services and platforms, such as cloud-based firewalls, content filtering, or network monitoring tools.

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PDFRG-RAP6202(G) Datasheet