TP-Link United Kingdom

TP-Link is a globally recognized manufacturer of networking products and accessories. 

Founded in 1996 by two Chinese entrepreneurs, Zhào Jiànjūn and Zhāng Huá, TP-Link has grown to become one of the leading providers of networking solutions for both home and business users.

The company's product lineup includes a wide range of networking devices and equipment, such as:

Routers: TP-Link offers a variety of routers catering to different needs, including wireless routers, mesh Wi-Fi systems, and gaming routers. These devices are used to create wireless networks, allowing multiple devices to connect to the internet.

Switches: TP-Link manufactures Ethernet switches that enable the connection of multiple devices within a local area network (LAN). These switches vary in terms of port count and capabilities.

Access Points: Access points are used to extend wireless coverage in larger areas. TP-Link provides both indoor and outdoor access points suitable for various environments.

Modems: Some TP-Link modems support DSL and cable internet connections, providing the initial link between a user's network and the internet service provider.

Network Adapters: TP-Link offers network adapters that allow devices without built-in Wi-Fi capabilities to connect wirelessly to networks. They also produce powerline adapters for using electrical wiring for network connectivity.

Smart Home Devices: TP-Link's "Kasa" brand covers a range of smart home products, including smart plugs, smart bulbs, smart switches, and other home automation solutions.

Business Networking Solutions: Apart from consumer products, TP-Link provides networking solutions for businesses, such as managed switches, VPN routers, and more.