Vision EV5-Cascade Multiswitch With Earth Bars

EV5-532 Multiswitch 32 x Output Line Power
EV5-508 Multiswitch 8 x Output Line Power
EV5-512 Multiswitch 12 x Output Line Power
EV5-516 Multiswitch 16 x Output Line Power
EV5-524 Multiswitch 24 x Output Line Power

Vision EV5-Cascade Multiswitch With Earth Bars

V5-EVO is tuned to minimise 4G-800 LTE interference and has been developed for very low current consumption from the trunk cables, headend and from receivers. 

V5-EVO multiswitches are powered either via the horizontal trunk cables or locally via the auxiliary input socket. These multiswitches are ideal in small, medium and large cascaded systems where up to 40 multiswitches can be powered from a single V5-034 power source.

All multiswitches have stepped gain at each bank of four (eight on 24 & 32) outputs to balance subscriber signal levels and allow long and short subscriber cables to be connected to the same multiswitch.

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  • Add 1 x 18V 2.5A Power Supply Unit


EV5-532 Multiswitch 32 x Output Line Power

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Vision multiswitch, has 5 inputs and options of 8 / 12 / 16 / 24 & 32 outputs. 

Multiswitches are devices that allow multiple satellite receivers to be connected to a single satellite dish. 

They are commonly used in commercial and residential settings where multiple satellite receivers are needed.

The EV5 range is designed to work with both standard and high-definition satellite signals, and it has a built-in amplifier to help boost signal strength. The 5 inputs allow for connection to up to 5 satellite receivers, and the 32 outputs can be used to connect upto 32 TVs.

The EV5 is also compatible with DiSEqC 1.0 and 2.0 protocols, which allows for easy control of satellite receiver functions such as channel selection and recording. It is a compact device, measuring just 28cm x 22cm x 5.5cm, making it easy to install in a variety of settings.

Vision EV5 is a reliable and versatile multiswitch that is ideal for anyone who needs to connect multiple satellite receivers to a single satellite dish and requires a larger number of outputs than the 5x24 version. This multiswitch is especially useful in commercial settings where many TVs need to be connected, such as hotels, apartment buildings, or sports bars.

Designed for large, medium and small line powered IRS installations

Power from the headend, anywhere on horizontal trunk cables via the remote power supply, or local power

Current consumption as low as 60mA from trunk and 65mA receiver

Active satellite and terrestrial with stepped gain for signal equalisation

Gold contact switchable input attenuators for all satellite and terrestrial input bands

High input/output capability for long subscriber lines

Pre-mounted earth bars and 6mm2 earth post

LED power indicator

Fully-screened diecast housings for extreme interference immunity

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