Vision EV5-D8S 5 x 8 dSCR (Sky Q) Switch

EV5-D8S 5x8 dSCR (Sky Q) Switch - Add to IRS or Stand Alone. Line Powered

Vision EV5-D8S 5 x 8 dSCR (Sky Q) Switch

Vision IRS switches have been the UK market leader for more than a decade, proving to be exceptionally reliable and versatile. 

Often copied but never equalled, the features are extensive, the power consumption low, noise low and interconnectivity completely flexible. 

Availed with Sky Q and Sky+ commutability, even the oldest installations can support our new Sky Q adapters, keeping your investment future proof. 

These products include factory fitted earth bars, stepped high gain outputs for multiple drop cable lengths up to 50m, variable gain control, power from anywhere - even no landlord supply installations. 

Colour coded, screened and filtered for interference rejection, these products represent excellent value for money.

  • EV5-D8S 5 x 8
  • 5 input 5 output cascaded trunk line
  • Ideal for insertion into existing 5-wire IRS trunk
  • Control according to EN 50494/EN 50607
  • Suitable for SkyQ, Unicable or Legacy mode
  • Full Automatic Gain Control of satellite signal level on all outputs
  • Always active terrestrial performance
  • 4 x DC modes for convenient DC powering options
  • Subscriber Cable Power
  • Auxiliary DC input
  • DC power to the trunk
  • DC power from the trunk


    Item / ModelVision EV5-D8S 122406
    Frequency Range SAT950MHz 2150MHz
    TERR5 - 790MHz
    Number of Cascade Inputs/Outputs4 SAT + 1 Terr
    Number of dSCR / Legacy outputs8
    Number of SAT user bands16 per output
    Input level SAT (AGC)60 - 95dBV
    Input level Terr (max)94dBV
    Output at dSCR mode with DTTSAT 84dBV (AGC) Terr 100dBV max
    Output Legacy modeSAT 78dBV Terr 100dBV max
    Gain SAT / TerrSAT AGC Terr +8dB
    Trunk Loss SAT / Terr<2dB / <1dB
    SAT IF / SAT IF Isolation>30dB
    SAT IF Input Output>30dB
    SAT IF / Terr>25dB
    DC Consumption from DC Input or H Lines18V 1.1A
    DC Consumption Terr TV amplifier via H lines15 - 18V 70mA
    DC Consumption from STB in legacy mode13V 220mA : 18V 190mA
    DC Consumption from STB in dSCR mode14V 320mA
    DC Consumption legacy + dSCR mode18V 260mA
    Max DC Pass into the trunk18V 2.0A
    Operating Temperature-20C to +500C
    Dimension inc connectors (mm) / Weight226 x 133 x 30mm 830g

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