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Whyte Dscr Series WSCR504
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Whyte Dscr Series

WSCR range are remote powered

Designed specifically for installations where no landlord's power is available.

WSCR504RP retains all the features and performance of the conventional Series D range of dSCR multiswitches. These performance features easily facilitate the cascading of several units due the low loss trunks, TERR gain control and Pro-Tap.

Each subscriber output provides SkyQ, Legacy SAT, TV and Radio Services. Satellite subscriber signal levels in both Legacy and dSCR mode are automatically set to 89dBμV via AGC.

The power is provided remotely via the REC port which powers only that particular port, the trunk and any amplifier, legacy multiswitch or LNB connected. The WSCR504RP can not be powered via the trunk therefore any additional WSCR504RP’s within the system will not be powered and added to the load. This ensures that no individual apartment will experience apartment PSU overload.

When used with the WPSU-SAP1/SAP2 Smart Apart PSU’s from Whyte, customer support is reduced and customer satisfaction is increased as the IRS system will function correctly irrespective of building occupancy or type of set-top-box (if any) used by the resident

Whyte Dscr multiswitches

  • Add 1 x Whyte Power Supply Unit to suit DSCR


Whyte Dscr Series WSCR504

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Whyte Dscr multiswitch is a device commonly used in satellite distribution systems, especially in multi-dwelling units like apartment buildings or condominiums, to distribute satellite signals from a single or multiple satellite dishes to multiple satellite receivers or set-top boxes.

Digital Satellite Channel Stacking (dSCR) is a technology used in satellite distribution systems to deliver multiple satellite signals over a single cable, reducing the need for multiple cables running from the satellite dish to each receiver. dSCR technology allows for more flexible and efficient distribution of satellite signals, and it can be cascaded or stacked to accommodate a larger number of receivers.

Cascading dSCR multiswitches typically means connecting multiple dSCR multiswitches together in a series to expand the number of available outputs for satellite receivers. This is often done to serve a large number of users in a shared satellite distribution system.


The new 2nd Generation Cascadable dSCR Multiswitch range from Whyte offers substantial enhancements such as higher power output, even lower power consumption, a small form factor and Trunk EQ. The range now boasts 4, 6, 8, 12 and 16-way models. This alongside low loss trunks and high TERR gain make the Whyte Series D range the most versatile and easy to install dSCR Multiswitch available.

Clever cast aluminium housing design means the dSCR Multiswitch can be orientated horizontally without the risk of overheating.

Each subscriber output provides Sky Q, Legacy, TV and Radio services. Satellite subscriber signal levels in both Legacy and dSCR mode are automatically set to 89dBμV via AGC.

Terrestrial signal levels are controlled via a manual Gain Control and a selectable Pro-Tap™ which permits a wide range of TERR input signals levels from 50 to 108dBμV. The reception of 2 satellites can be facilitated with 2 Wideband LNB’s when WB mode is selected. The unit can be powered directly via the DC Input Port or be remotely powered via the trunk lines.

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