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Labgear VK8L

VK8L - Universal Octo LNB
Labgear Products Uk.

Labgear VK8L

VK8L OCTO LNB – Universal Ku Band Fitted with Mk4 bracket with level

  • Eight outputs with switchable polarity
  • Feeds 8 satellite receivers from a single dish (or 4 receivers with built-in recorders)
  • 25MHz PLL crystal technology ensures rock-solid frequency stability across a wider range of operating temperatures
  • Supplied with Mk. 4 dish bracket

Supplied with a Sky-compatible bracket including built-in spirit level

Works with Zone 1 or Zone 2 satellite dish, for Sky Q, Freesat, Sky HD



VK8L - Universal Octo LNB

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OCTO LNB is a Low Noise Block downconverter used in satellite TV installations. The term "OCTO" means that the LNB has eight output ports, allowing it to distribute satellite signals to up to eight different receivers or multiswitches. 

The LNB is designed to be compatible with a wide range of satellite systems and is often referred to as a "universal" LNB.

The LNB is typically installed on the satellite dish and is responsible for capturing the satellite signals and down converting them into a lower frequency range that can be carried over coaxial cables to the receivers. The LNB is powered by the satellite receiver or multiswitch, which provides the necessary voltage to operate the LNB and switch between different frequency bands.

The universal OCTO LNB is capable of receiving signals from a wide range of satellites and is designed to work with both standard and high-definition satellite broadcasts. This makes it a popular choice for installations where multiple receivers or multiswitches are being used.

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