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3" Universal Clamp

3" Universal Clamp Assembly
Chester Digital Supplies Ltd

3" Universal Clamp

Heavy Duty Large V Bolt 3.25" x M8 / Mast Sledge For Mast Up to 3"

  • Large M8 U bolt.
  • Supplied with 2 mast clamp sledges for extra support.
  • Suitable for mast diameters to 3".


3" Universal Clamp Assembly

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large V-bolt measuring 3.25 inches by M8 is a type of bolt commonly used to secure cylindrical objects such as pipes, poles, or tubes to a flat surface, such as a wall or a roof. The V-bolt is designed to hold the object in place while preventing it from rotating or sliding out of position.

The "3.25 inches" measurement refers to the distance between the two legs of the V-bolt, which is the maximum diameter of the cylindrical object that can be secured. The "M8" designation refers to the size of the bolt's thread, which is M8 x 1.25 in metric measurements. This means that the bolt has a diameter of 8 millimetres and a pitch of 1.25 millimetres.

The large V-bolt is typically made of stainless steel or another corrosion-resistant material to ensure that it can withstand exposure to the elements without rusting or deteriorating. It usually comes with a set of nuts and washers that are used to secure the bolt to the surface and to tighten the V-bolt around the cylindrical object being secured.

When selecting a large V-bolt, it's important to choose one that is appropriately sized for the object being secured and the surface it will be mounted on. It's also important to ensure that the bolt is made of a durable material and that it is properly installed to ensure a secure and stable connection.