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Hook to Eye Steel Rigging Screw, M6 Thread

Hook to Eye Steel Rigging Screw, M6 Thread
Blake UK

Hook to Eye Steel Rigging Screw, M6 Thread

Pro rigging screw is suitable for use with or tensioning wires or for securing loads or plant. 

This steel screw with electro galvanised finishing features hook to eye end fittings. 

The screw with M6 thread size, has a working load limit of 2t.



Hook to Eye Steel Rigging Screw, M6 Thread

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Hook to eye steel rigging screw with an M6 thread is a type of hardware used for tensioning and adjusting wire rope or cable assemblies. It consists of a threaded rod with a hook on one end and an eyelet or loop on the other end. The M6 thread refers to the size and pitch of the screw thread, which in this case is M6 metric.

Features and functions of a hook to eye steel rigging screw with an M6 thread:

Tensioning and Adjustment: The rigging screw allows for tensioning and adjustment of wire ropes or cables by turning the threaded rod. This enables you to tighten or loosen the assembly as needed.

Hook and Eye Configuration: One end of the rigging screw features a hook, which provides a secure attachment point for connecting the wire rope or cable. The other end has an eyelet or loop, which allows for connection to an anchor point or another fitting.

Steel Construction: The rigging screw is typically made of steel for strength and durability. This ensures its ability to withstand the forces and loads applied during tensioning and operation.

M6 Thread: The rigging screw has an M6 threaded rod, indicating a metric thread size of 6 millimetres in diameter and a specific pitch. This allows you to use corresponding M6 nuts or other compatible fittings for secure fastening.

Corrosion Resistance: Rigging screws may feature a coating or finish, such as galvanized or stainless steel, to enhance corrosion resistance and protect against rust when used in outdoor or marine environments.

Wide Application Range: Hook to eye rigging screws with an M6 thread are versatile and commonly used in various applications, such as marine rigging, cable railing systems, architectural installations, and general-purpose tensioning tasks.

Material               Steel

Finish    Electro Galvanised

End Fittings         Hook to Eye

Thread Size         M6

Weight 59g

Eye Diameter     9mm

Closed Length    172mm

End A Fitting       Hook

End B Fitting       Eye

Open Length      258mm