CK Tools United Kingdom

CK Tools Side Cutters 200mm

CK Tools High Leverage Side Cutters 200mm
CK Tools High Leverage Side Cutters 200mm
CK Tools High Leverage Side Cutters 200mm
CK Tools High Leverage Side Cutters 200mm
CK Tools United Kingdom

CK Tools Side Cutters 200mm

Redline VDE High Leverage Side Cutters 180mm

33% slimmer than the previous model for greater accessibility in tight access areas.

Optimised cutting jaw geometry for improved cutting performance.

Induction-hardened jaws for outstanding long-term performance.

Special alloy steel, drop forged, hardened, and tempered for exceptional strength and durability.

Two components, ergonomic design, with anti-slip horns for increased comfort, control, and safety.

VDE approved - individually tested to 10,000V for safe live working up to 1,000V.

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CK Tools High Leverage Side Cutters 200mm

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Redline VDE High Leverage Side Cutters, measuring 180mm in length, are a type of hand tool commonly used in electrical work and other applications where cutting wires or cables is required. Here's a breakdown of the key features and components of these side cutters:

Length: The 180mm length refers to the overall size of the side cutters, making them compact and easy to handle for various cutting tasks.

High Leverage Design: "High leverage" means that these side cutters are designed with longer handles, which allows the user to exert greater force with less effort when cutting. This design is particularly useful when cutting thicker or harder materials.

VDE Certification: VDE stands for "Verband der Elektrotechnik, Elektronik und Informationstechnik," which is an organization that certifies electrical tools for safety and insulation. VDE certification indicates that these side cutters are designed to meet specific safety and electrical insulation standards, making them suitable for electrical work.

Side Cutting Edges: Side cutters have sharp, bevelled cutting edges on the sides, which are designed for cutting wires, cables, and other materials. The high-leverage design enhances their cutting efficiency.

Insulated Handles: To meet electrical safety standards, these side cutters typically feature insulated handles to protect the user from electrical shocks when working with live electrical components.

Redline Brand: "Redline" likely refers to the brand or manufacturer of these side cutters. The quality and reputation of the brand can vary, so it's a good idea to research and choose a reputable manufacturer when selecting tools.

These side cutters are often used by electricians and professionals in the electrical and electronics industries for tasks like cutting and stripping wires, as well as general cutting applications. The VDE certification ensures that they are safe to use in electrical environments.

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