CK Tools United Kingdom

Mighty Rod 3pc Accessory Pack

CK Tools United Kingdom

Mighty Rod 3pc Accessory Pack

Upgrade your Mighty Rod kit with this Super Kit upgrade pack.

  • Contents: 1 x Torch - LED torch to illuminate the way
  • 1 x Magnet - Lifts objects of up to 3kg weight
  • 1 x Chain - use with magnet attachment to fish a run of rods.
  • SKU :- T5441



CK tools Mighty Rod 3pc Accessory Pack || T5441

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A cable rod is a tool used in various industries, particularly in the field of cabling and wiring installation. It is designed to assist in the routing and installation of electrical cables, wires, or other similar materials through walls, conduits, ducts, or tight spaces. Cable rods typically consist of flexible, lightweight, and extendable rods or sticks that can be joined together to form longer lengths as needed.

Key features and uses of cable rods may include:

Flexible and Extendable: Cable rods are typically made of materials like fiberglass or polypropylene, which are both flexible and sturdy. They can be bent and routed through tight spaces, allowing cables to be pulled through challenging routes.

Thread or Attachment Points: Many cable rods have attachment points for cables or wires, which can be used to secure the cable to the rod. Some have specialized attachments for different cable types.

Versatile Use: Cable rods are used for various purposes, such as running cables through walls, ceilings, conduits, and under floors. They are commonly used by electricians, data cabling installers, and other professionals in the cabling and wiring industry.

Accessory Packs: Some cable rod sets, like the previously mentioned Mighty Rod 3pc Accessory Pack, may come with additional accessories or attachments to further aid in cable installation tasks.

Cable rods are invaluable tools for professionals who need to run cables in both residential and commercial settings, as they help make cable installation more efficient and less challenging in situations where conventional cable pulling might be difficult.

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