Ruijie | Reyee Network Switchs

Professional, Reliable and Affordable

Reyee switches are designed to offer reliable and professional choices to businesses of all sizes. Unmanaged switches are well suited for businesses requiring no management or monitoring of their LAN, smart/L2 switches provide a cost [1] effective solution for small and medium-sized businesses, and L3 managed switches provide a scalable and stable solution for large organizations, campus networks and ISP networks.

Ruijie Cloud App/ Ruijie Cloud Platform Remote Management

The Reyee managed switches not only support web interface management, but also support life time free Ruijie Cloud App and Ruijie Cloud platform remote management. Users can view the network status, modify the configuration, and troubleshooting at home. In addition, the PoE port can be restarted remotely to restart the faulty PoE camera. With the mobile app, users can quickly complete the device deployment and configuration, remote management, operation and maintenance of the entire network, such as NVR/Camera recognition, configure VLAN, real time monitoring, real time alarm, and reboot remotely , which greatly reduces the investment of equipment cost, labor cost and time cost in the process of wireless network construction.

Self-Organizing Networking Feature

Self-organizing networking feature, which breaks through the product limitations and realizes auto-discovery, auto-networking and auto-configuration between routers, switches, and wireless APs without the need for controllers or Internet access.

Full-Power PoE Supporting PoE Cameras at Maximum Capacity

Ruijie Reyee smart surveillance switches support full-power PoE output, powering PoE network cameras for all PoE ports simultaneously. Whether it is day or night, the infrared light of the camera is on or off, it can ensure that all PoE network cameras are powered.

5 Years Warranty For RG-NBS5200/5100/3200/3100 series, it supports 5 years free warranty