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Duplex LC MMF Optical Transceiver Module

Duplex LC MMF Optical Transceiver Module
Ruijie | Reyee Networks

Duplex LC MMF Optical Transceiver Module

  • Max. power consumption 1.5 W
  • Hot pluggable SFP MSA compliant
  • Digital optical monitoring capability for strong diagnostic capabilities
  • Compliant with IEEE 802.3z Gigabit Ethernet
  • Class 1 Laser safety and RoHS compliant

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Duplex LC MMF Optical Transceiver Module

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Duplex LC Connector: The transceiver module features a duplex LC connector, which allows for simultaneous bidirectional communication over two Fibers (one for transmitting and one for receiving). The LC connector is known for its compact size and ease of use, making it suitable for high-density Fiber optic applications.

Multimode Fiber (MMF) Compatibility: Engineered to operate over multimode Fiber, the transceiver is optimized for short to medium-distance transmissions. MMF is well-suited for high-bandwidth applications within data centres, enterprise networks, and campus environments.

High Data Rate Support: This transceiver module supports high data rates, ensuring efficient data transfer in demanding networking scenarios. It is designed to meet the requirements of modern networking standards, providing the necessary bandwidth for data-intensive applications.

Reliable Performance: Built with precision and quality in mind, the Duplex LC MMF Optical Transceiver Module offers reliable and stable performance. It undergoes stringent testing to ensure compliance with industry standards, contributing to a robust and dependable network infrastructure.

Hot-Pluggable Design: The hot-pluggable design allows for easy installation and replacement without the need to power down the entire network. This feature enhances the flexibility and scalability of the network, reducing downtime and maintenance efforts.

Wavelength Specifications: The module operates within specific wavelength ranges, ensuring compatibility with other network components. Clear wavelength specifications contribute to the interoperability and seamless integration of the transceiver into diverse optical networks.

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