Labgear 5G/LTE 700 Interference Filter with Coax flylead

5G/LTE 700 Interference Filter with Coax flylead

Labgear 5G/LTE 700 Interference Filter with Coax flylead

Indoor filter to protect from 5g interference

  • Low Band Pass Frequency: 5-694MHz (VHF-UHF Ch48).
  • In-band Insertion Loss: Typ. <1.0dB.
  • High Band Stop Frequency: 703-1000MHz (Ch50-69+SAT).
  • Out-of-band Rejection: Typ. >40dB.
  • In-band Return Loss:  Typ. <-15dB.


5G/LTE 700 Interference Filter with Coax flylead

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Labgear indoor 5G/LTE 700 Filter is an electronic device that is designed to filter out unwanted frequencies from an incoming signal, specifically 5G and LTE 700 MHz frequencies. These frequencies can cause interference with other devices or degrade the quality of the signal, so it is important to filter them out in certain situations.

The filter is typically installed between the antenna and the device receiving the signal, such as a TV or radio. It works by blocking the unwanted frequencies while allowing the desired frequencies to pass through.

An indoor 5G/LTE 700 Filter can be particularly useful in urban areas where there are many devices using these frequencies, as well as in situations where the signal is weak or prone to interference. It can help to improve signal quality, reduce noise and interference, and prevent signal dropouts.

It's important to note that not all devices require a filter for 5G/LTE 700 frequencies. If you're experiencing issues with signal quality or interference, it's best to consult with a professional to determine whether a filter is necessary and which type of filter would be most appropriate for your specific situation.