Haydon 10 Amp 12VDC PSU 16 outputs

HAY-PSUMULTI-10A Haydon 10 Amp 12VDC PSU 16 outputs
HAY-PSUMULTI-10A Haydon 10 Amp 12VDC PSU 16 outputs

Haydon 10 Amp 12VDC PSU 16 outputs

Haydons new MULTI range of power supplies are rewriting the rule book for Multi-way CCTV Power.

This new unit will now do the job of 3 previous models without losing any of the current range benefits with their unique fuse layout making them cost effective, user friendly & flexible Power supply on the market.

The clear panel in the front of each unit allows engineers to see if outputs are live without opening.



HAY-PSUMULTI-10A Haydon 10 Amp 12VDC PSU 16 outputs

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Haydon 10 Amp 12VDC power supply unit (PSU) with 16 outputs can provide up to 10 amps of current at 12VDC to power multiple electronic devices simultaneously.

The total number of outputs can support up to 16 devices, but you'll need to ensure that the total power consumption of all devices doesn't exceed the maximum output power of the PSU. For example, if each device requires 0.5 Amps at 12VDC, you could connect to 20 devices in total (10 Amps / 0.5 Amps per device).

It's important to ensure that the voltage output is stable and doesn't fluctuate beyond the acceptable range for your devices. Additionally, you should check that the PSU has adequate protection mechanisms, such as over-current, over-voltage, and short-circuit protection, to prevent damage to your devices in case of power fluctuations or electrical faults.

Overall, a 10 Amp 12VDC PSU with 16 outputs can be a useful and versatile option for powering multiple devices in a variety of applications, including home automation, security systems, and industrial automation.


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