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Large V Bolt 2.5"x 3/8"

Large V Bolt 2.5"x 3/8"
Chester Digital Supplies Ltd

Large V Bolt 2.5"x 3/8"

BZP (bright zinc plating) to prevent corrosion and give a professional finish.

3/8" thread with 15mm nuts.

For Mast Up to 2" Outer Dimension.


a (mm)
b (mm)
c (mm)
Approx. 90
Approx. 50
Approx. 50


Large V Bolt 2.5"x 3/8"

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large V bolt with a size of 2.5" x 3/8" is a type of hardware used to secure a pole or tube to a structure or mounting surface. The V bolt consists of a U-shaped bolt with a V-shaped profile, which allows it to grip and secure the pole or tube.

The size 2.5" x 3/8" refers to the dimensions of the V bolt. The 2.5" measurement indicates the distance between the two legs of the U-shaped bolt, while 3/8" refers to the diameter of the bolt itself. 3/8" is an imperial measurement, which means that it is expressed in fractions of an inch.

To use a large V bolt with a size of 2.5" x 3/8", you would typically place the bolt around the pole or mast and then attach it to a mounting surface using nuts and washers. The V-shaped profile of the bolt helps to keep the pole or tube in place, preventing it from slipping or rotating.

Large V bolts with a size of 2.5" x 3/8" are commonly used in applications such as mounting street signs, traffic lights, and other large equipment to poles or tubes. They are designed to provide a secure and reliable connection, even in harsh weather conditions or high-wind environments.