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Reyee RG-NBS3100-48GT4SFP-P PoE Switch

Ruijie | Reyee Networks

Reyee RG-NBS3100-48GT4SFP-P PoE Switch

 52-Port Gigabit Layer 2 Cloud Managed PoE Switch

  • 52-Port gigabit Layer 2 managed PoE switch, 4 SFP uplink
  • Enterprise-class Quality Ensures High Performance
  • IP Camera Recognition, Unique Value for CCTV Network
  • Multiple Security Policies Protect Your Network
  • Lifetime management on Ruijie Cloud at anytime anywhere
  • SKU :- RG-NBS3100-48GT4SFP-P


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Ruijie 52-Port PoE Switch || RG-NBS3100-48GT4SFP-P

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PoE Capability: With 52 PoE ports, this switch simplifies the deployment of network devices such as IP cameras, wireless access points, and VoIP phones by providing both data connectivity and power over a single Ethernet cable.

High Performance: The Ruijie 52-Port PoE Switch is equipped with high-speed Gigabit Ethernet ports, ensuring fast and seamless data transfer for bandwidth-intensive applications. This enables smooth multimedia streaming, large file transfers, and other data-intensive tasks.

Reliability and Durability: Built with durability in mind, the switch features a sturdy and reliable design to ensure continuous and stable network operations. It is ideal for use in demanding environments where reliability is crucial.

Intelligent Power Management: The switch incorporates intelligent power management features, allowing for optimized power distribution and efficient energy usage. This helps organizations save on energy costs while ensuring optimal performance.

Scalability: With 52 ports, the switch provides ample room for network expansion, making it suitable for growing businesses. The modular design allows for easy scalability to accommodate evolving network requirements.

Easy Deployment and Management: The switch is designed for easy deployment and management, with user-friendly interfaces and tools. Administrators can efficiently configure and monitor the network, ensuring a hassle-free operation.

Security Features: Ruijie prioritizes network security, and this switch includes features such as access control lists (ACLs), port security, and secure management interfaces to safeguard the network against unauthorized access and potential threats.

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