Triax United Kingdom

Triax Cabinet for PLC Splitters

Triax Cabinet for PLC Splitters 307910
Triax Cabinet for PLC Splitters 307910
Triax United Kingdom

Triax Cabinet for PLC Splitters

Fibre optic terminations of optic access network or sub-distribution points in & outdoor

  • Plastic enclosure, flame retardant, ageing and UV resistant.
  • Special screw and key for its door lock
  • Mounting on a wall or pole
  • Bi-layer structure of the box: bottom for splicing and upper layer for splitting and distribution
  • Special lock device for the outlet of drop cables
  • 2 standard slots for TOS xxSC PLC splitter cassettes--> max splitting factor: 32

SKU 307911 TOS-Cab 32 Cabinet

SKU 307910 TOS-Cab16 Cabinet



Triax Cabinet for PLC Splitters 307910

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Triax Cabinet for PLC Splitters, a cutting-edge solution designed to optimize and streamline fibre optic network deployments. Crafted with precision and engineered for efficiency, this cabinet exemplifies reliability and performance in the realm of telecommunications infrastructure.

Built to accommodate PLC (Planar Lightwave Circuit) splitters, renowned for their superior splitting performance and compact design, the Triax Cabinet offers a robust housing that ensures the protection and organization of critical network components. Its sleek and durable exterior is constructed from high-quality materials, providing resistance to environmental factors such as moisture, dust, and temperature fluctuations.

Equipped with ample interior space, the cabinet facilitates effortless installation and maintenance of PLC splitters, allowing for seamless integration into existing fibre optic networks. Its intuitive design features convenient access points and cable management options, enabling technicians to efficiently manage and configure network connections with ease.

Versatility is a hallmark of the Triax Cabinet, with customizable configurations to suit various deployment scenarios. Whether deployed in indoor or outdoor environments, its adaptable design ensures compatibility and reliability across diverse operational settings.

In addition to its practical functionality, the Triax Cabinet boasts a sleek and modern aesthetic, complementing any telecom infrastructure with its sophisticated appearance. Its compact footprint makes it an ideal choice for installations where space is at a premium, without compromising on performance or durability.

PDF 16 Way (307910)PDF 32 Way (307911)