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Triax TSWA

Satellite Wideband Amplifier

The TWSA Satellite Wideband Amplifier is designed for wideband applications, where satellite frequencies from 290 MHz to 2340 MHz are used. 

The amplifier has two inputs, one for the vertical and one for the horizontal feed. 

The low band and high bands are combined on one feed. 

This amplifier is compatible with wideband LNBs.

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TSWA Satellite Wideband Amplifier

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Triax TSWA stands for Triaxial Screened Wideband Amplifier. It is a type of amplifier used in the telecommunications and broadcasting industries to boost and amplify signals for transmission over long distances.

The Triax TSWA amplifier is designed to provide superior performance in high-frequency applications, with a frequency range typically ranging from 5 MHz to 2.4 GHz. It is commonly used in applications such as satellite broadcasting, cable television, and CCTV systems.

The triaxial screened design of the TSWA helps to prevent electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) from affecting the signal quality, which is critical in high-frequency applications. This ensures a clean and clear signal transmission over long distances, without any loss or degradation of signal quality.

The Triax TSWA amplifier typically features a low noise figure, which helps to improve the signal-to-noise ratio and maintain high signal quality. It also features a high gain, which allows for the amplification of weak signals, making it an essential component in long-distance signal transmission.

Triax TSWA is a reliable and high-performance amplifier that is widely used in the telecommunications and broadcasting industries. Its triaxial screened design, low noise figure, and high gain make it an essential component in high-frequency applications where signal quality is critical.

EAN Number5702663077775
TypeAmplifier - wideband
Max. output level SAT @ -35 dB IMD3117 dBµV
Frequency range SAT290...2340 MHz
Gain30 dB
Gain Adjustment15
Slope15 dB
Impedance75 Ω
Power Consumption (typ.)3 W
Number of inputs2
Number of outputs2
Dimensions product (H x D x W)177x133x51 mm
Packing QTY1
Product Height130 mm
Product Width115 mm
Product Depth50 mm
Packaging Height0,140 m
Packaging Width0,120 m
Packaging Depth0,060 m
Packaging Volume0,001 m3
Net Weight0,230 kg
Tara Weight0,045 kg
Total Weight0,275 kg

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