Masthead Amplifiers & Splitters

Masthead amplifiers and splitters are electronic devices used in antenna systems to enhance and distribute signals. These devices are typically used in television and radio antenna systems to boost weak signals and distribute them to multiple devices.

Masthead amplifiers are designed to boost weak signals received by the antenna before they are distributed to the television or radio. These amplifiers are typically installed at the top of the antenna mast, close to the receiving antenna, to minimize signal loss and interference. The amplified signal is then distributed to the television or radio through a coaxial cable.

Masthead splitters, on the other hand, are used to distribute the amplified signal from the antenna to multiple devices, such as televisions or radios, in different locations. Splitters can split the signal into two, three, or more outputs, allowing you to connect multiple devices to the same antenna system.

The use of masthead amplifiers and splitters can improve the quality and reliability of television and radio signals, especially in areas with weak signal strength or interference. They can also reduce the need for multiple antennas or separate antenna systems for different devices, which can save time and money.