Pyronix HEAT-WE - 2 Way Wireless Heat Sensor

Pyronix HEAT-WE - 2 Way Wireless Heat Sensor

  • Two-way wireless heat sensor
  • Thermistor based
  • Fixed heat detection 57C
  • Loud and obvious alarms
  • Low-battery supervision
  • Signal Strength Indicator
  • Pyronix High-Security Wireless Encryption Protocol
  • No wires, no mess
  • One-Push-To-Learn Button

Part of the ever-expanding life safety range 

Adding another dimension to systems, the HEAT-WE raises the alarm if the room temperature reaches 57C and above. Perfect for areas such as kitchens, the HEAT-WE provides accurate and dependable fire detection, with prompt notification of any alarms via the always-connected app.  

Fixed heat detection With a fixed detection heat of 57C, the two-way wireless heat detector provides continuous and reliable safety sensing which can be easily and efficiently added to any Pyronix system.  

Loud and obvious alarms The HEAT-WE has a built-in 85dB local sounder and flashing LED lights; providing a clear and obvious alarm when the environmental temperature reaches 57C.  

Be in control with full low-battery supervision When the battery is running low on the radio module of the HEAT-WE, the detector will send a signal to the control panel to report the issue. If the user has the smart device app connected to the system, they'll also receive a push notification to draw their attention to the fault.  

Stay safe with tamper protection If the housing of the HEAT-WE is dislodged, the rear tamper will trigger to alert that it is not fitted correctly.  

Pyronix High-Security Wireless Encryption Protocol The two-way wireless protocol has been developed by Pyronix to ensure that the communication between all wireless system components is encrypted.  

One-Push-To-Learn Button The Enforcer two-way wireless protocol allows easy learning of all its peripherals with the push of a button you can add any of the detectors or sensors to Enforcer wireless compatible control panels.  

Signal Strength Indicator (SSI) on the Device SSI in all Enforcer wireless devices allow them to be optimally positioned during installation, without the need to refer back to the panel.

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