Triax United Kingdom

Triax Ruby LTE700 Amplifier

RUBY LTE700 Launch Amplifier, 4 In 1 Out, FM/DAB/UHF1/UHF2, Variable Gain
Triax United Kingdom

Triax Ruby LTE700 Amplifier

LTE 700 Ruby - 4 Input - FM / Dab / UHF1 / UHF2

  • Multiband Amplifier
  • Variable Gain Control 0-20 B on All Inputs
  • Masthead Line Power Supply with Short Circuit Protection
  • Test Output -30dB
  • Earth Bonding Point
  • SKU :- 371008


RUBY LTE700 Launch Amplifier, 4 In 1 Out, FM/DAB/UHF1/UHF2, Variable Gain

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Triax Ruby LTE700 Amplifier, also known by its product code 371008, is an amplifier designed for boosting television and radio signals. This specific model is intended to mitigate the effects of LTE (Long-Term Evolution) interference on the received signals.

LTE is a wireless communication standard used by many mobile network operators. In some cases, the signals transmitted by LTE networks can cause interference with television and radio reception. The TRIAX RUBY LTE700 Amplifier is engineered to filter out and minimize this interference, ensuring optimal signal quality for television and radio broadcasts.

The amplifier operates within the LTE700 frequency band, which typically ranges from 698 MHz to 806 MHz. By incorporating advanced filtering and amplification technologies, the TRIAX RUBY LTE700 aims to enhance signal strength and reduce the impact of LTE interference, thereby improving the overall performance of the TV and radio reception.


EAN Number



Frequency range

88...862 MHz

Frequency Range DAB

217...230 MHz

Frequency Range FM

88...108 MHz

Frequency range UHF

470-694 MHz


Attenuation - adjustable

0-20 dB



30 (FM/DAB) dB

Gain - UHF

34 (UHF1 and 2 ) dB

Noise figure VHF

<7 dB

Noise figure UHF

<7 dB


Number of inputs


Number of outputs

2 (Full and Test)


Max. Output level (@ full dig. load)

115 dBµV

Test Point

- 30 dB



75 Ω


LED indicator


AC Supply voltage

230/50Hz VAC

Power Consumption (typ.)

9 W

LINE power DC voltage (max.)

12 Switchable VDC

LINE power current (max.)

100 mA


Product Length

232 mm

Product Width

135 mm

Product Depth

55 mm

Packaging Height

0.060 m

Packaging Width

0.240 m

Packaging Depth

0.190 m

Packaging Volume

0.003 m3

Net Weight

0.865 kg

Tara Weight

0.105 kg

Total Weight

0.970 kg


Screened Amplifier

PDFSpec Sheet