Triax United Kingdom

Triax TWS2 Wideband Splitter H / V

TWS2 Wideband Splitter H/V
Triax United Kingdom

Triax TWS2 Wideband Splitter H / V

Wideband Splitter H / V

The TWS2 splitter is designed to be used with Wideband systems with Satellite IF frequencies from 290 MHz to 2340 MHz, and Terrestrial frequencies between 5 MHz and 862 MHz.



TWS2 Wideband Splitter H/V

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Triax TWS2 Wideband Splitter H/V is an advanced signal distribution device designed to meet the demands of modern telecommunications and broadcasting applications. This versatile splitter is engineered to efficiently split signals across a broad frequency range, making it well-suited for various communication systems.

With its Horizontal/Vertical (H/V) capability, the TWS2 accommodates signals in both polarizations, providing flexibility for applications where different polarization orientations are required. This feature is particularly beneficial in satellite or television signal distribution, allowing seamless integration into diverse setups.

Crafted by Triax, a reputable company known for its quality telecommunications solutions, the TWS2 ensures reliable and consistent signal distribution. The wideband capability of this splitter makes it adaptable to a range of frequencies, allowing for efficient transmission of signals across different communication channels.

The Triax TWS2 is built with precision and durability in mind, utilizing cutting-edge technology to deliver high-performance signal splitting. Whether used in residential, commercial, or professional settings, this splitter exemplifies Triax's commitment to providing innovative and reliable solutions for the ever-evolving field of signal distribution.

For detailed specifications, installation guidelines, and additional information, users can refer to the product manual or contact Triax customer support. The Triax TWS2 Wideband Splitter H/V stands as a testament to Triax's dedication to quality and performance in the realm of telecommunications infrastructure.

EAN Number5702663077782
Frequency range SAT290...2340 MHz
Frequency range TER5...862 MHz
Insertion loss - SAT4.5 dB
Insertion loss - TER3.5...4.0 dB
Connector INF-female
Connector OUTF-female
Number of inputs3
Number of outputs6
Dimensions product (H x D x W)130x130x50 mm
Packing QTY1
Packaging Height0,100 m
Packaging Width0,100 m
Packaging Depth0,100 m
Packaging Volume0,001 m3
Net Weight0,100 kg
Total Weight0,100 kg

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