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Antiference 1083T - FM 3 Element VHF Antenna

1083T FM 3 element VHF antenna
Antiference Solutions

Antiference 1083T - FM 3 Element VHF Antenna

Three-element aerial has been specifically designed to work in the FM stereo band 88-108MHz. 

Ruggedly constructed with the unique Trumatch dipole with parallel resonance properties to give a virtually flat response across the whole FM band.

  • Unique Trumatch dipole
  • Easy assembly
  • Fold down into a compact pack


1083T FM 3 element VHF antenna

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FM 3 element VHF antenna is a type of antenna that is designed to receive FM radio signals on the VHF frequency band. It typically consists of three elements or rods that are arranged in a specific pattern to maximize the antenna's performance.

The antenna is designed to be directional, which means that it is optimized to receive signals from a specific direction while minimizing interference from other directions. This can be useful in areas where there are multiple FM radio stations broadcasting on the same frequency, as the directional antenna can help to isolate the desired station and reduce interference from other stations.

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