Triax QR12 Lte700 21-48 12dBi

QR12 Lte700 21-48
QR12 Lte700 21-48
QR12 Lte700 21-48

Triax QR12 Lte700 21-48 12dBi

Industry standard leading yagi aerial, Triax QR12

· LTE Protected 

· Tool free assembly - Quick lock dipole and reflector 

· Strong, rugged construction 

· F-Connector dipole housing 

· Excellent F/B ratio and performance across the whole UHF band 



QR12 Lte700 21-48

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Triax QR12 Lte700 21-48 12dBi is a directional antenna designed for use with LTE700 cellular networks. It is intended for outdoor use and features a gain of 12dBi, which means it can amplify the signal strength of the LTE700 network.

The "21-48" in the product name refers to the frequency range that the antenna can operate within, which is 698-806 MHz. This is the frequency range used by the LTE700 network in many countries.

The antenna is manufactured by Triax, a company that specializes in the design and manufacture of antennas and other communication equipment. The Triax QR12 Lte700 21-48 12dBi is designed to be mounted on a mast or pole and can be used in a variety of applications, including rural broadband, remote monitoring, and machine-to-machine communication.


EAN Number      5702661080708


Antenna use      outdoor

Polarization        vertical or horizontal


Band      UHF

Channels             21...48

Frequency range              470-694 MHz

LTE protection   @ 700Mhz


Connector Type 1 x F connector, 75 Ohm


Elements             12

Windload @42 m/s         58 N

Beamwidth horizontal    ± 18 °

Bracketry             Mast bracket - rear

Main material    Aluminium

Weight (kg) TB(D)            1.25 kg

Colour   Black

Packaging            Scantainer

Packing QTY        65

Product Length 1010 mm

Product Width   555 mm

Packaging Height              0.000 m

Packaging Width               0.000 m

Packaging Depth              0.000 m

Packaging Volume           0.000 m3

Net Weight         1.290 kg

Tara Weight       0.068 kg

Total Weight      1.358 kg


Gain       12 dBi


Front to back ratio - horizontal   >20...26 dB

Impedance         75 Ω

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