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Haydon IP-PoE Splitter / Combiner

Haydon IP-PoE Splitter / Combiner HAY-POE-MULTI
Haydon CCTV-Related Products

Haydon IP-PoE Splitter / Combiner

Connects two IP/PoE devices to a PoE switch or NVR using a single Cat5/6 cable.

  • Provides up to 15.4W to each of the 2 devices on type 1 - POE IEEE 802.3af.
  • Provides up to 25.5W to each of the 2 devices on type 2 - POE+ IEEE802.3at
  • Switchable between Type B (UK Standard) & Type A (USA & Asia)
  • Reduces installation costs and time
  • Compatible with both IEEE 802.3af and IEEE 802.3at
  • No POE injector or psu is required
  • Low cost and easy to use (Plug N play).
  • Mode A power and data on pins 1&2 (-) and pins 3&6 (+) (USA & Asia)
  • Mode B power on pins 4&5 (+) and pins 7&8 (-) with data on pins 1&2 and 3&6 (UK & Europe)
  • SKU :-HAY-POE-MULTI HAY-POE-MULTI haydon-poe.jpg



Haydon IP-PoE Splitter / Combiner HAY-POE-MULTI

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Haydon IP-PoE Splitter/Combiner designed specifically for use in CCTV systems where IP cameras are employed, and Power over Ethernet (PoE) is used for power and data transmission. This device serves a dual purpose:

Splitter Functionality: It can split the combined power and data signal from a PoE-enabled Ethernet cable. The splitter separates the power component and delivers it to the CCTV camera, while the data component is sent to the camera for video and control signals.

Combiner Functionality: It can combine separate power and data sources into a single cable. This is less common in the context of CCTV systems, as PoE is often used to provide both power and data over a single cable. However, in some situations where PoE is not available, a combiner might be used to merge power and data from different sources into a single Ethernet cable for the IP camera.

Haydon CCTV IP/PoE Splitter/Combiner is a specialised device tailored for the needs of IP-based CCTV systems using PoE technology. It helps manage the distribution of power and data, ensuring that IP cameras receive the necessary power supply while maintaining the data connection for video transmission and control.

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